“I have found [Jerry] always to be exceedingly fair, impartial, well-informed, while always operating under the commitment to be a dedicated Christian pastor . . . everything about his training, background, and experience would stand him in good stead to function effectively . . .”

~ Paul L. Garlington
Director and Founder of Heartsight Lifestyle Training Center
Rochester, New York


“[Jerry] has demonstrated extraordinary competence within community and corporate environments. In particular, Jerry has been highly productive in administrating developmental, collaborative, educational, and team-leading responsibilities, working with people from various walks of life. These are valuable skills in an increasingly diverse, and divisive, society.”

~ Rev. Bryan Hudson
CEO & Senior Minister
New Covenant Church & Ministries
Indianapolis, Indiana


“[Jerry] is often sought out by other private and public organizations in need of business and management advice and consultation. Beyond the business sector, [he] has continued to demonstrate creative and exemplary abilities as an accomplished administrator and manager.”

~ Dr. Daniel L. Howard
PPRI Professor of Health Policy
Professor of Sociology
Texas A & M University
College Station, Texas